Some Straight Talk About Home Buying

We've talked with consumers across Canada about buying a home. Many consumers made it clear that they want better information about the home buying process.

They told us that this would increase their confidence in getting the home, and the home-buying experience, they wanted. Many consumers are concerned about unprofessional builders who don't know what they're doing, or who won't stand behind their product once the sale has gone through. While this doesn't happen very often, every home buyer wants to be certain it never happens to them.

If you're like the people we have talked with, you have some definite ideas about what should and shouldn't happen when you buy a new home.

  • You expect the builder or sales agent to listen to you, hear what you want and present you with clear, understandable options.
  • You want pricing information that's up front, complete and ensures you won't get any expensive "surprises" later on.
  • You don't want home buying to be a game between you and a pushy sales person looking for a fast sale.
  • You want to know that the person building your home is committed to your satisfaction - that you aren't just another "number", but a valued customer.

We believe that when you buy a home, you shouldn't settle for anything less than this. And if any builder or sales agent you talk to can't meet this standard, you should take your business elsewhere.

For home buyers, it all comes down to a few important points. Professional home builders have the skills and knowledge it takes to "do the job right". A solid track record and experience are essential qualifications. And most importantly, the builder must be honest, fair-minded and committed to customer service. We couldn't agree more.

There are many established home builders who can meet these expectations and who would value the opportunity to treat you properly. So don't be afraid to shop around.