"Rob Petersen needs to be commended for assembling a professional, personable, first rate staff. Building top-notch homes with attention to detail in today's market is not easy, but Rob and his team seem to accomplish this with ease. We would not hesitate to build with Carriage again."
- Dave and Lucy VanDorp

"We are very pleased with our beautiful new home. The quality, care and service have been outstanding. Thank you for your flexibility customizing our home."
- L. & G. Cummings

"We would like to compliment you for the expertise in the planning and building of our home. You have done an outstanding job on our behalf, which has reassured us that there are still some contractors left who know the meaning of honesty and integrity, but also still practice it."
- Mr. & Mrs. B. Caharel

“We had toured Carriage’s showhomes for a couple of years before starting to build our current house with them. Carriages’ homes have always given us a feeling of warmth and elegance. Our design is neat, bright and beautiful which gives the limited space a larger, more airy and open feeling. Because this is our first custom-built home, we are well prepared that the process is going to be stressful with all kinds of unknown decisions that have to be made within the specific time frames while taking care of two little kids. We are really impressed and appreciated the journey is this smooth process and had great fun.
Currently, our house is still under construction, yet we are proud it has already generated lots of admiration from the passers-by because it is so unique. We have to say thanks to Shannon, the designer and salesperson at the Carriage show home, whose effort to help us secure the lot, tailor our needs and fit our budget really gives us the confidence to go this far. All the communications with Shannon, either on phone, via email or in person were comfortable; we are made to feel unique and valued. And we would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin, the designer and project manager, too. His expertise and patience helped us go though the most stressful moments such as to balance the architectural control requirements with our pocketbook as well as to make the changes that we really wanted even though they were too late.
I also would like to mention all the Carriage Signature suppliers, such as Tony at KitchenCraft, Mark at K-Jay Electric Ltd, Todd at Sierra Contract Flooring, Santino at AB Tiles, Josh at Trail Appliances, Jared at Park Lighting, and Gail, the interior designer, who all worked closely and professionally with us to meet our needs. Their insight and patience made every change they suggested an improvement. Tony, sorry to keep you late every time we met you; Mark, thank you for tolerating my constant addition and deletion of light fixtures; Josh, thank you for matching the price for us on our appliances; Santino, thank your colleagues for teaching my kids to draw pictures; Todd, thank you for your great advice beyond the hardwood……We are happy we not only gained the knowledge and confidence of building a house, we also gained a couple of new friends we can trust.
Did I mention my 4-year-old son Justin who has accompanied me with every visit to the showhome and all the supplier’s showrooms? I haven’t expected that this could be such an amazing experience for him to explore a variety of new things. He is almost familiar with all steps of building a new house now. He picked up the same handle that I like and the flush light for his own bedroom. I still remember how he used to love drawing trains, but after we met Shannon for the first time, he started to draw houses with wheels on the train track! And even today, he still likes to answer his daddy’s call by first greeting him with “Carriage Signature show home, Shannon speaking!” Yes, He has great fun turning every meeting into a role play with me at home. I’ll tell you a secret, his favorite play roles are Shannon and Tony! The typical scenario is I play a client and he helps me out. I am so pleased with the house building experience with Carriage and it is such a great learning and entertaining experience for my son Justin. And this is a priceless bonus.
Yes, we have been hugely pleased with the fantastic building experience with Carriage so far, and look forward to moving into the new house next year! I could not recommend Carriage Signature more highly. It will be truly a pleasure for us if our names were given out to anyone who is looking for a reference.”
- Xinlin Pan

“My wife and I built with Carriage after meeting with many different home builders. The biggest draws for us were the consultations with our rep Shannon were extremely productive as she could make changes to the plans and pricing on the spot, and Carriage's price was very competitive. After a smooth design process we were happy to find our entire build to be just as organized, and with open lines of communication. Carriage really worked with us and gave us advice along the way. Leroy, our super, was helpful, honest, and very prompt in getting back to us when we had concerns. We heard many horror stories about home building and my wife and I are very pleased to have none coming out of our build. I would gladly build with Carriage again, and would recommend them to others.”
- L & A Priemaza

 We are very pleased with our beautiful new home.  I would like to thank you all for the quality work and customer service you have offered to us. From sales to designing and to workmanship, you have done an outstanding job on our behalf. You are always there for us whenever there are needs, which is the most valuable attribute residing within you all and for your customers like us.  We wish you success with your business.  

- Zhongxin Zhou