Today's New Homes Are Better Than Ever!

According to recent consumer research, there is a lingering sense among consumers that homes were built much better in "the good old days", lovingly put together by old-world craftspeople who "really knew their stuff".

"We are working hard to dispel this myth," says Lewis Nakatsui, Past-President of the Canadian Home Builders' Association. "The reality is that new homes are far superior to those built in the past, both in terms of the products that we use and how we put everything together."

Even the last five years have seen major changes and improvements in the way new homes are built. Many builders agree, that from a technical standpoint, today's homes are a far cry from those built in the past. "Unfortunately, many of the real improvements are behind the walls, and customers are not always aware of them," Mr. Nakatsui notes. "We still have a job on our hands as an industry and as individual builders to let people know how much better new homes really are."

For home owners, this superiority translates into benefits that yesterday's home buyers could not even begin to imagine. It starts with the basics-a comfortable indoor environment year-round. Cold, overheated, drafty or stuffy homes are a thing of the past thanks to better building techniques, a host of effective insulation products and energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

New homes are also healthier to live in as mechanical ventilation brings in fresh air from the outside and gets rid of old, stale air. No more dampness, mold and mildew, and no more lingering "bad air"!

When it comes to design and finishing touches, the days are gone when a new home offered a bland backdrop for your furniture. Today's new homes come with built-in character in all price ranges. Layouts are designed with today's families in mind to accommodate the way we live in the 1990s. And low- and no-maintenance products have cut down the time that home owners need to spend on upkeep and cleaning chores.

"Today's new home builder is a modern-day craftsperson," Mr. Nakatsui points out. "The tools and the technology may be different, but the goal of a good builder never changes: to provide the customer with the best possible home for years of enjoyment and satisfaction."